Relatives with hearing loss

Hearing problems to a relative

All people strive for the best for their loved ones. Hearing loss is a delicate and quite difficult issue. It is difficult to see your own people having difficulty communicating and being led to isolation due to hearing loss. You want to help but don't know exactly what to do.

The first signs to suspect hearing loss in close to you person

  1. You talk to him louder than everyone else
  2. You have trouble communicating with him by phone
  3. You notice that he is watching television at a higher volume than the average person
  4. You notice that is difficult for him to participate in many people’s conversations
  5. You notice that he is isolated in noisy environments

Advise in order to communicate with them

  • Try to speak slowly and clearly
  • It is a good idea to look the person in the eye during your conversation
  • Repeat what you said, if needed
  • Use body language to make it easier to understand
  • Confirm that he has heard what you have said

Hearing loss primarily affects the hearing impaired person. It is useful to know and recognize the stages of emotional development your loved one is experiencing with hearing loss.

  • 1


    Many people usually go through the denial phase, waiting 5-7 years before taking the first step to accept their hearing loss.

  • 2

    Disappointment/ Anger

    He/She is angry that he/she has to constantly ask others to repeat what they said.
    He/She begins to resent his relatives because they are hearing or commenting on his hearing loss.

  • 3


    Recognizes the problem but does not fully accept it. He/She refuses the need of a hearing aid or decides to wear it only in certain cases.

  • 4


    Untreated hearing loss leads to sadness or even isolation from family and friends. If sadness and isolation persist, it can lead to depression.

  • 5


    He/She finally recognizes that hearing loss affects his quality of life. The person decides to be fully informed about hearing loss and possible ways to deal with it.

What I should do?

The best you can do to help a person with hearing loss is to act! Explain that Hearing aids are not a taboo, but they are the way to a better quality of life and communication with all of you!