What are the causes of hearing loss ?

There are many causes of hearing loss. The most common are exposure to loud noise, heredity, genetic causes and age.

What is the average time of " life " of a Hearing Aid ?

Every new hearing aid has been working at maximum performance for about 5 years

What is the adjustment time after the first hearing aid application ?

 The hearing aid needs about 2 weeks to get used  by the person,when it is first worn.

Is it better to use one or two hearing aids ?

The use of one or two hearing aids depends on the hearing loss. However, the use of two hearing aids helps in understanding and communicating, in balancing and orienting.

I have a hearing loss, but I want my hearing aids to be invisible. Is there a solution ?

Of course there is a solution. The Hearing Aids are fitted into the ear and are almost invisible. However, the degree of hearing loss affects whether they are the suitable solution.

When I'm sleeping, should I wear my hearing aids ?

At bedtime, you should take out your hearing aids and store them in their case. Always, strap to open the battery case.

What should I do if I get my hearing aids wet ?

First try to dry them as best you can. Then, visit your hearing care professional as soon as possible to check for any damage.

How I should clean my Hearing Aids ?

Wipe with a dry tissue every time you remove your Hearing Aids from your ears. However, for the best care you can see the cleaning kit that helps keep your instruments in good condition.

How often I should change the battery ?

Hearing Aids alert you when a battery runs out. From the warning sound, the battery works for another 2-3 hours. The Proline Advanced of batteries Rayovac have an average duration of 10 days validity.

My hearing aids are new, but quite often I feel that I am not listening very well. What should I do ?

This is quite common. It is affected by ear wax or fluid from your ear. In this case, it is a good idea to visit a hearing professional once a month to clean your Hearing Aids internally for maximum performance.

How Much does a Hearing Aid cost ?

The cost of a hearing aid depends on the level of technology it serves. A free trial will give you all the information and costs for a personalized solution that serves your needs.

Is there a guarantee for hearing aids ?

One year warranty for complete repair and replacement of your instruments. The warranty does not include damage such as breaking or wetting.

Can I pay by card ?

Of course. We accept Visa , MasterCard , UnionPay and Maestro cards.

Can I pay in installments ?

Of course. It is possible to pay in installments.

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