Doulderis Company has been specializing in helping people with hearing loss since 1979

Our Company

Our recently renovated premises are fully compliant with European Standards EN15927 for Services offered by hearing aid professionals. We are able to offer innovative and technologically advanced hearing solutions. We have all types of digital hearing aids for analyzing and customizing the right type of hearing aids, depending on the needs of the client. Our company, not olny controls your hearing, but also the fitting of the hearing aids, as recommended by Hospitals, Universities and Hearing Specialists internationally.

Our Principles

Doulderis Company has fundamental values, based on what we do:

1. Providing high quality products and services in order to fully satisfy our customers.
2. Complete hearing solutions with science lab facilities.
3. Quality assurance, according to certified systems that improve the overall efficiency of the company.

Our Motto

“Welcome to the hearing world”

Our saying combines our basic principle and our purpose.
Our highly trained staff, which is characterized by experience, constant updating and know-how in every individuality and need of our individual clients. The purpose is to make all of our clients be able to hear every sound of their enviroment

Our Vision

Our vision of being able to establish the Hearing Aid as a mean of improving the quality of life of hearing impaired people. Overcome the prejudice against hearing aids and establish them as an accessory for every active person with hearing loss.


Based on our fully equipped laboratory, we responsibly offer:

• Diagnosis of Hearing Aid Problem
• Rapid repair. No waiting, with excellent result
• Customized solutions

We perform complete diagnostic tests on Hearing Aids according to International Protocols, ensuring high quality in your hearing aids.

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Welcome to the Hearing World