Cleaning Products

The daily care of your hearing systems will increase their lifespan.

Cleaning Spray

30ml cleaning solution in a plastic bottle to efficiently dissolve earwax.
Equipped with a valve, diffuser and a brush. The spray button features an anti rotation function allowing comfortable use
The specific formulation of this spray is in accordance with environmental and health & safety standards

Cleaning Wipes

30 cleaning wipes included.
Cleaning product for the maintenance of hearing aids and earmolds
Cleaning wipe is filled with a solution designed to efficiently dissolve the earwax without damagingthe hearing aid
Daily cleaning of the hearing aid and earmold is recommended
Cleaning Wipe is for single use

Drying Capsules

Intended to dehumidify hearing aids and molds.
The drying capsules are packed in hermetic individual bags.
The lifecycle is about 1 month.

Drying Cup

Place one drying capsule, face upward, under the foam.
Put the hearing aid on the foam with the battery compartment open.
Close the cup and let the capsule act all night long.
Remember to close the cup after each use.

Cleaning Tablets

Includes 20 cleaning tablets.
Used to clean the earmold.
Removes earwax from the earmold.
The specific formulation of the solution complies with the requirements of the EN 1040 bactericidal standard and the NF EN 1275 (Candida Albicans) fungicidal standard and is in accordance with environmental and health & safety standards.

Cleaning Cup

Place a clearing tablet in this cleaning cup.
Fill it two-thirds with warm water.
Place the earmold with tube into the plastic cup sieve and leave it there for about 30 minutes.
Remove the earmold, rinse it with warm water and dry it completely before putting it on the hearing aid.
Evacuate the liquid from the tube with the air ball.


Designed to evacuate liquid from the tube that connects the hearing aid with the earmold after cleaning.

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